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The Respite, established in July of 2020, is owned and operated by Megan Trent of Stewardship, L.L.C..  Megan is a resident of the local area and grew up nearby on a ranch with her parents and her sister.  Megan is a graduate of Pittsburg State University and Wichita State University, is currently employed as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and serves part-time in the Kansas Air National Guard. Megan enjoys attending church, volunteering in the local area, spending time with family, working on her farm, traveling, and spending time outside adventuring and exploring the world that God created. 

The Respite and Stewardship, L.L.C. came to fruition by abundant blessings from God and are part of the life-long journey of sanctification through stewardship and seeking God's plan for this life.  The Respite has been touched by many hands in its creation and the mission of The Respite is to touch many hearts in return.  1 Peter 4:8-10 & 1 Chronicles 29:11-13.

The Respite is a ministry first, established to serve the Lord and support the work of the local church, missionaries, church planters, evangelists, and pastors as they travel, labor, and endeavor to fulfill The Great Commission.

Matthew 9:36-38, 28:18-20. 

The Respite, by design, also serves as a vacation rental property for travelers, adventurers, and those looking for a place to rest and relax.  Megan seeks to provide a great experience at The Respite for all her guests and enjoys meeting folks and hearing their stories.  Life is a rich experience made even better by the friends we make along the way. 


Come and stay at The Respite; you'll love it and will want to come back again!


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The Respite

Mailing Address

PO Box 345

Lindsborg, KS 67456

Physical Address

324 S, Main Street

Lindsborg, KS 67456

Tel: 785-227-0639

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