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Get the scoop on things to do at The Respite and in the local area!


At The Respite you'll find options for web-based TV and movies, outdoor activities that include a fenced yard, horseshoe pits, a BBQ grill, and a fire pit for entertainment.  There is also access nearby to a walking path, the Valkommen Trail, that traverses the heart of Lindsborg and offers the option for a longer stroll in the country on a well-maintained gravel surface.  


The Lindsborg downtown area offers many convenient options within a short walking distance from The Respite.  Visit the Lindsborg Convention & Visitors Bureau website for local activities, attractions, recreation, and great places to dine, sip coffee, and shop local!


If you find yourself in town on a Wednesday or a Sunday and are looking for a place to attend, Smoky Valley Baptist Church has mid-week and weekend church services; all ages welcome!

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